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This is the last of my extra-bonus-vacation knitting; back to normal output again now.

Sport weight socks with a nice mirrored wave. Unfortunately not quite enough yarn, but the multicolor leftovers had one strikingly close match, and as it turns out, if you make the toes match in the new yarn, it looks completely intentional. The picture does not have great lighting (if I used the flash, you couldn't really see the wave), so the multicolorness of the toes is not clear, but oh well.

This was a little tight being knit (stranded colorwork is really my nemesis for anything that needs to be stretchy), but after blocking it over a bowl, it turned out soft and smooth and lovely. This was requested by my brother-in-law, and was done just in time for Christmas.

Part of a pair of pairs of socks, both knit in half black and half "diamondback" stripes. Making two-color socks two at a time is a little too painful as far as getting things tangled, but I probably should have tried anyway; a couple of miscounts in the "surfing" waves between socks made them not quite as matchy as would have been perfect.

I bought this yarn at WEBS in order to shamelessly copy a sample project, and only slightly later did I realize it was sort of MIT colors. The name of the knitting pattern itself is "The Joker and the Thief", which meant that I had to title the project in Ravelry "The Monkey or the Eel". (Eon had the same reaction I did, so my instinct was justified!). It can pretend to be a scarf instead of a shawl, but see here for a picture of it blocked flat where you can see the whole thing more clearly.

The previous projects have homes, but while I posted about this one earlier, it didn't end up being a Christmas present after all. Does anyone want to adopt it? :)

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