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(Soon to be able to read lots of new Xmas books, in case you're wondering why I'm not talking about the new Daniel Abraham or the new NK Jemisin or other things I'm looking forward to)The Moonstone, The Stone Man, Little Fuzzy, Fuzzy Nation, Ticker, The Shadow of What Was Lost, The Seventh Bride, Carpet People, All the Paths of Shadow, House of Silk, Moriarty, the Spiritwalker (Cold X) trilogy )
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Notes on listening to all of the Dresden Files on audiobook. blather blather blather )
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Argh! I edited this to correct some typoes and the formatting has gone all wonky! Why is it putting in HTML spans with line heights? The Rithmatist, Ascendance Book 1 & 2 , The Titanic Murders, The Lyra Novels, City of Dark Magic, Lord of the White Hell, Solace and Grief )
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