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So, [ profile] mjperson has occasionally complained that while he does appreciate the sweaters I make him, he keeps putting them on backwards. I look at him askance for this, because you can generally tell which is the front and which is the back by looking at where the shoulder seam hits the collar, and which side the collar dips down on. But I will agree that this is a more complex observation than "where is the tag?"

However, they sell tags for handknit sweaters! All the examples say things like "Made with Love by Laura" or "Handknit for You" (or "Kid's Name"), but you can get them to say whatever you want. I got these. :)

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Walking to lunch with [ profile] mjperson and Drew, we're talking about the relative efficiency of shticks versus stats in Dragon and other runs, and people who have "spiky" characters (just good at one thing), who complain when they're in circumstances where their one thing doesn't apply.

At lunch:

Drew: Hmm. Should I get the mushroom sandwich? It's so hard to eat, the mushroom keeps slipping out.
Me: So, you haven't bought your dex up, and you're whining to the GM...
Mike: ... that your computer programming doesn't apply to your eating roll!
Drew: I should build a robot to hold my sandwich for me. (He makes biting motions, as if eating a sandwich with no hands.)
Me: This is one of the funnier lunch conversations in a while.
Mike: Soon to appear on livejournal!
Me: But it's not a Mike story. I only tell Mike stories on livejournal.
Mike: I thought you told *funny* stories on livejournal.
Me: Well, it's mostly the same thing. You're the comic relief in my life. Nobody else goes to the airport and loses an elevator!
Mike: ..... (frowns)
Me: Okay, now it's a Mike story.

Hmm, I guess it was more funny at the time, but I seem to be obliged to post it now.
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[ profile] mjperson was telling me that the Safety Office was recently causing a fuss because of all the radon his observatory had. (This was a surreal start to the story, because how can a building that the roof comes off all the time have that much radon?) His reaction was similar to mine - what radon? All the radon in the underground storage areas, they said. What underground storage areas?

So, it turns out that right next to the G____ R W______ Astrophysical Observatory (look at me being Victorian to avoid Google-indexing), there is a G____ R W______ Geophysical Observatory. A what? They point their telescopes at the ground? But no! It is an UNDERGROUND SCIENCE BUNKER with seismographs in it. Except that it is actually a SECRET ABANDONED UNDERGROUND SCIENCE BUNKER, because apparently the guy who ran it retired twenty years ago and they forgot to assign someone else.

All I can think about is SECRET ABANDONED UNDERGROUND SCIENCE BUNKER. Why are there not teenagers exploring it with flashlights and shaky-cam movie recorders? Are there zombies? Or giant tunnel worms with big teeth? There must be a plot down there!
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A conversation at lunch:

[ profile] mjperson: Let me tell you about the stupidest idea I ever heard. I was watching NCIS, and someone died, and they were investgating it, and he died of tachycardia, which was weird because he had a pacemaker for low heart rate. And it turned out that someone hacked into his pacemaker. How stupid an idea is that, pacemakers being just accessible via your wireless and remote hacking? Bah."
Me: "... well, pacemakers probably don't have IP addresses, but you know that the ones controlled by wireless don't really have any security, right?"
Mike: That can't be right. They have to be encrypted, you can't just let people hack in and control your pacemaker.
Me: (google google google) "Well, here's an ABC News article. Okay, look, they say it's not a problem, because the number of attackers in wireless range of you is pretty small. "Within wireless distance of you, the number of attackers is necessarily pretty small," Kaminsky said. "It's not to say the devices can't be attacked. They can be. ... It is something for the implant device [user] to think about it."
Mike: ARGH! What do they mean, it's something for the user to think about? Why is it not something for the implant device *maker* to think about? How could they not worry about that? Just stick in a private key...!
Me: Welcome to the real future. It's not as smart as the science fiction future.
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So, last post had the Tragic Death of the iPad. (Though it actually worked surprisingly well for all the broken glass). Many people encouraged me to take it to the Apple Store and throw myself on their mercy to replace it, so that's what I did Thursday.

[ profile] mjperson came with me as moral support and because he had a question for them too. As it turns out, he ended up kind of being my minder, to cover both my noodleheadedness and what he considered to be insufficient mercy-throwing.

"You didn't say it was only two weeks old."
"Three weeks by now. And that was just the guy I was making the appointment with! I'll tell the actual guy!"
"I don't think you're very good at this."

Then, with the actual guy, I did not leap in quickly enough to say that it was two weeks old, so Mike leaped in to point it out. Later:

"You're *really* not very good at this. I mean, we practiced and everything! You just can't bring yourself to say 'it's only two weeks old, can you replace it?'"
"I was going to! I just... hadn't gotten there yet. I *did* say it was a birthday present! And he could tell how old it was from looking up the serial number. But... yeah. I just can't bring myself to say 'can I please have a new one for free?'"

But they gave me a new one for free anyway! Hooray for them! I got the feeling that there was an unofficial policy of "one user damage replacement for new device, per user *ever*" and I have used mine.

Then there was this bit towards the end:

Guy: "Is this your address? (51 Ibbetson Street...)"
Me: "Yes."
Mike: "That isn't your address."
Me: "Yes it is."
Mike: "No it isn't."
Me: "... er. Yes, that's my old address. I, um, I did live there for fifteen years, it still looks right."

So now Mike gets to claim that he rescued me from both not getting my iPad replaced, and from not being able to find my way home afterwards because I don't know where I live. But, I have a new iPad, so he can claim that he rescued me from being eaten by bears and defeated an alien invasion at the mall, and we're both happy.
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  • Last night, a spammer sent a million billion (well, I don't know the exact number, but I got ~1800 myself) messages to a bunch of MIT lists. Many of them went to RT, which flooded it enough that it's thrashing and failing, preventing people from being able to respond to the other many messages complaining about having gotten a million billion spam messages.
  • And the heat is off in N42!

  • Craigie on Main has changed their bar and dining room to not use each other's menus. Sniff! No more tasting menu at the bar. I bet the bar has gotten too popular, what with all the recent articles about their Most Amazing Burger Ever; there's always a line for the bar at 5:30 when it opens. The other night, [ profile] ilhander asked for something "dark and brooding" and got a drink titled "Living to old age and dying happy is a hope, not an inevitability." (For those reading now without reading comments, the change has been reverted. (the best bartenders ever plus all the choices of the best food ever, so yay!))

  • Last night, [ profile] mjperson was meeting Mirris & others for dinner at Journeyman, when I got a phone call from him.
    "I'm standing where my iPhone tells me the restaurant is, but I can't find it. Help!"
    "Are you in the alley already? Go down the alley, there's a door on your right."
    "I see a door for (some other restaurant)."
    "No, go farther than that. It's an unmarked big door."
    "There's a plain wooden door... ahah!"

    Later, [ profile] tirinian noted that listening to the conversation on my end, he couldn't tell whether it was about real life or a video game someone was lost in.

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So, this evening, [ profile] mjperson and I went to Chipotle again before the Comet run. Some of you may remember the last time and the Great Confusion about how many tacos "tacos" is, and that the canonical answer is "three".

I can now order tacos, it turns out. But Mike can no longer order two tacos, because now he knows that he's paying for three tacos, and paying for three but only getting two is Wasteful.

"Can I have two tacos... argh, no, better make it three."

Then he eats two tacos, and picks unhappily at the third.

It amuses me that I break in exactly the opposite direction than he does, and it should surprise no one who knows the both of us that I break by Not Understanding and he breaks when his Reality Denial is Thwarted.
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  • Having finished watching the full run of the West Wing DVDs at [ profile] mjperson's, we've started on the (even longer) full run of Stargate. I saw some of it when I lived with [ profile] twe, but mostly noticed the Big Arc plots; the beginning is full of extreme noodleheadedness kind of like Original Star Trek or even old Doctor Who. The fact that everyone speaks English with no hand-waving explanation - well, I can accept that you don't want to spend the first half hour of every episode having Daniel Jackson learn the language, though I would have appreciated Goa'uld Babel Fish. But - the dark side of the planet, which is on the other side of the meadow from the light side of the planet? Hee hee hee.
  • On the way home today, [ profile] mjperson and I stopped by the grocery store. I got groceries for cassoulet; he found Pear Juice. It came with a warning label that said he shouldn't be permitted to drink it unless he is able to sit independently, to pick up and hold small objects in his hands, and to reach for food or a spoon when he is hungry. He demonstrated that he could pick up and hold objects, and reach for food, but we did not actually test his sitting competence in the grocery store. None of my drinks come with such careful caveats, except for the alcoholic ones, which come with more.
  • Two recent quick projects, one for [ profile] greyautumnrain's little boy in progress, and one for [ profile] harrock. Both are from yarn I picked up on my Yarn Crawl in California, which is nice in that I don't have to feel too silly about buying more yarn there. It was particularly gratifying to make something useful for Jerry, who does not wear sweaters or really wear crazy socks. He's always patient and comes with me for my eternal wandering through new yarn stores, but the one in Sebastopol actually had a sample of the hat that he pointed at and said "ooooh! I want one like this!" It's a thick alpaca (so very soft and warm), with scarves that come off on either side - a better picture of how it works is here.
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Angelina's is getting weird.

[ profile] mjperson:"I'd like to order some subs for takeout. [...] A regular hamburger sub, with onions and ketchup."
"Would you like the hamburger raw or cooked?"
"...Cooked, please."
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Last night, [ profile] mjperson and I slogged to the CVS through the magical undersea world that seemed to be filling the streets, so he could pick up some ice melt for today. The ice melt featured this prominent claim:

"Each granule encapsulated with liquid magnesium!"

Upon much reflection, I think that this probably meant "Each granule coated with magnesium chloride - which dissolves in liquid, it's not like we have magnesium shavings in here, which wouldn't be helpful at all."

short rant

Nov. 6th, 2008 04:36 pm
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Number 2 in what I keep thinking ought to be a series: Posts that [ profile] mjperson ought to have made.

Here's a very short blog post by Steven Levitt.

The punch line is cute. But... he doesn't know how his third-grade daughter is supposed to know what the colors of the rainbow are? SHE'S SUPPOSED TO KNOW BECAUSE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE TEACHING HER THAT!

What are the Great Lakes? I might give him a pass on that not being part of the standard curriculum for your small child. I learned my states, but not my Great Lakes, as a little bitty kid. ([ profile] mjperson, as a little bitty kid, did learn them, but he's from New York and I'm from California.). I learned "Thirty days has September" before I can remember, but I think [ profile] davehenry told me about knuckle-counting.

But not teaching your kid *colors* is a dereliction of duty. I mean, come *on*. Isn't that like the first thing ever, when you're teaching them words?


Apr. 19th, 2007 01:24 pm
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A couple of days ago, I asked [ profile] mjperson how he cleans the telescope at his observatory. I had images of window washers rappeling down from the top of the dome, with huge sponges. He said well, there isn't actually glass at the front of the telescope, it's all mirrors at the back. So they turn the telescope so that it's pointed down, and then they shoot web-fluid at it with their Spider-Man web fluid wrist shooters.

I said "What?"

He said no, really. They have genuine Spider-Man web shooters, and one is filled with isopropyl alcohol and one is filled with distilled water, and they point their wrists at the mirror and say "ksssss!" and shoot it.

I said "You're making that up! Really? That's so cool! Why haven't I ever heard that before, why don't you just tell everyone that as a story?"

He said he didn't think it was that interesting. But then he sent me pictures, just to prove he wasn't making it up.

(Phooey! I mis-spelled anecdote, but I can't change that since the poll exists now!)
[Poll #969562]
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"Who is it that doesn't like Christopher's?"
"That would be Charles."
"Ahah! He's not here, so we could go to Christopher's."
"Oh, wait. Charles doesn't like Kaya. That would be me who doesn't like Christopher's."
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