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[ profile] eccentrific asked for an octopus, and noted that he should happy but creepy. Or maybe it was creepy but smiling. I forget. Anyway, that clearly suggested a Dastardly Octopus with a Monocle. I thought about giving him a handlebar moustache too, but it made his mouth confusing.

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Octopus Prime has won the Octopus Wars, and is the new Lord of Darkwallow Pond. Whee! As far as Learning Adventures go, it was great fun (mysql, php, RSS, and needle felting!). As far as "players will do anything if you tell them it's a mechanic", even better. We didn't really go very far out of our way to take pictures with Tentaculus (though I did drag [ profile] mjperson on a chandelier hunt one day after work), but the number of octopodes who went halfway around the world, or to the tops of mountains, or just set up some lovely art amazed me.

Anyway, quasi-sequel Octopus Quest, coming soon to a pond near you, for those whose octopodes are still interested in adventures, or for those who have always wanted to have an octopus to go on adventures with but never got around to it.

I suspect, also, that I will forever be marked as an Octopus Person at this point, the way [ profile] marcusmarcusrc is a Cow Person. I was a Cthulhu Person before, but that's completely different. But after making close to forty crocheted octopodes, plus sidekicks, the little guys are really starting to grow on me. Plus this and this have some pretty amazing octopodes in them.
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...which I suppose kind of makes sense for a tentacle-based paradigm.

Anyway, there was a request for LJ syndication for the Octopus Wars RSS feeds, and since this is my current project of hunting down yaks to learn how to shave, here they are:

(Be warned that if you add them now, they'll pretty much swamp your friendslist).

I'm kind of disappointed. That wasn't actually a yak so much as a... hmm. I can't think of any animals that just have one handful of fur, and it comes right off. A very very small shedding creature.
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There's even RSS feeds for new contests and new entries, for the convenience of the peanut gallery. :)
The feeds are at and, but depending on your RSS reader, it may be easier to click on the little RSS icon from the score and the list of all contests. And a discussion forum, at request.

(If someone decides they want to play after all, let me know and I'll get you an octopus. This is not a game in which having a slow start is likely to hurt you particularly much.)

(Also, for people who want to know who's playing the different octopodes, that's under the username 'player' and the obvious thing as the password. It's not Seekrit, but I don't want it trivially webscraped.)
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All the octopodes (well, except for the bonus two that [ profile] tirinian commissioned) are either delivered or on their way (unless someone else wants to play!), and the Royal Artifacts are finally done.

On the other side of things, I'm starting to get the hang of mysql and PHP. It's a lot of fun getting to obsess about learning something new, with a project to play with, though it leaves me a little distracted during things like conversations. Thinking like a database seems less of an effort than first thinking like an object was. The funniest bug of the evening: "Don't put a <br> in your SQL query." My usual debugging technique of "print statements everywhere!" is totally unable to help with this.
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Finished the bonus two octopodes, and a little flock of sidekick hexapodes:

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Yay! The little octopodes are done, and the King and Evil Vizier are done, the Rules posted...

All Octopus Wars participants should be getting email shortly. If you don't get the email, then there's probably been some horrible address misunderstanding somewhere, and you should let me know.
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  • The Huntington sort of inexplicable play is very different than the ART sort of inexplicable play. Shining City had a gorgeous set, a mesmerizingly well-acted therapy patient, and was generally a very well done version of a play that I'm not quite sure why it was written. (Maybe it was all just a lead up to the twist in the last three seconds, which had a great impact, but... still, huh?)
  • Easter Egg Hunt! As always, too much candy, though clever [ profile] tirinian sent most of the leftovers away with the undergraduates. This year had the Head Start for Small People (in which people could self-declare as Small People) and the Handicap Pauses for Mad Hunters, so that mellowed it out a lot. [ profile] theweirdones got to be this year's Scourge.
  • The masses, having seen the pirate octopus, clamored for a ninja octopus. Apparently it's a basic law of physics: if a black hole emits a pirate, it must also emit a corresponding ninja, or the universal gravitational constants fall out of balance. Or something. So, anyway:
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Okay, after some encouragement by [ profile] mjperson and [ profile] shumashi, there is a new plan for octopuses:

Octopus Wars!

Anyone who wants to play gets an octopus (this may take a little while). Your octopuses will compete in a variety of amusing tasks designed by [ profile] mjperson (rules coming soon), either in teams or solo. (Sort of like SF0, but easier and designed for octopi.). Prizes will be awarded.

(Feel free to pass this along to people not on livejournal.)

(Also, [ profile] nuclearpolymer, as the previous First Octopus Responder, gets an octopus even if she doesn't want to play, but she seems pretty close to the target audience for Octopus Wars...)


Mar. 9th, 2008 02:39 pm
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Anyone want an octopus?
I was curious how fast an little amigurumi critter would be to make, and the answer is "very", having started it yesterday.
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