Aug. 17th, 2013

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Okay, I have been asked for a rant. :)

Last weekend, [ profile] justom convinced [ profile] harrock and I to see Elysium, but my goodness, it was terrible. I think part of the problem was that I was expecting something a little more clever, and I expected something better from Jodie Foster and Matt Damon, so when it turned out to be about as stupid as Die Hard 2 (my personal touchstone for disappointingly stupid action movies), I just couldn't forgive it.

  • They flew the shuttles up to the space station and LANDED ON THE LAWN. (No, it doesn't work the same way as Ringworld. The rim mountains are a thousand miles high. The space station walls are what, 100 feet high? You can't take a shoebox full of air into space and expect gravity to keep the air in the shoebox.) Okay, I can handwave "invisible magic force fields that keep the air out but not the spaceships", but in that case, maybe you should tune them to keep the spaceships out too if you don't want them landing on your lawn?
  • "Encryption" seems to mean "you can read the file, but there's a little popup dialog box in the middle of the screen that says it's encrypted." Plus the "no copy" functionality seems to mean "you can copy it but the original hardware self-destructs" which is really not the best protocol for protection from data theft.
  • My God, Jodie Foster, what happened to you? Your Pauses and Portentious Remarks were truly Shatnerian, but where did the twitching come from? (I had no real objections to Matt Damon's acting, though I wish he been given a larger range to play in than angry/stoic/sick.)
  • The whole thing with the way you defend your space station from invaders is a guy standing on the ground shooting the ships down with a rocket launcher? Really?
  • The ending is solved by "reboot the government, after setting the flag to 'everyone is privileged'." Okay, I do appreciate that the theme is about the 1% and health care and the rebels are all motivated by For The Children... but it's really too glib to say that the solution to economic inequality is to just give everyone enough to make them rich, without taking anything away from anyone else. ("We were all living in a socialist utopia all along, we just didn't realize because nobody had pushed the button!" -Tom) And, okay, I can't expect my stupid action movies to come up with a sensible solution to the problems we can't solve in real life, but... I guess I'll just fall back to "glib" again.
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